If I Knew Then: an Interview with Rick Brown on Crain’s Atlanta

The feature showcases how Rick Brown, OmniMax International, Inc’s CEO shares his past experience at GE and how it led him to take his current role with OmniMax.

If I Knew Then: Richard C. Brown, OmniMax, International, Inc.

Euramax Coated Products Selected for Extraordinary Airport Design


The Queen Alia International Airport is a spectacular new gateway to Amman, Jordan. It combines a unique design with respect for the environment and the local culture. This eye-catching airport, designed by Foster + Partners is truly one of a kind. The complex roof geometry which symbolizes the veins of a leaf makes this airport truly extraordinary.

For the best performance in the harsh airport environment a durable 3-layer PVDF finish was needed.  Our multi-layer EuraBuild Dark-Grey finish fits perfectly with this project in terms of durability and appearance.

Fabral Tops Archery Training Center

For nearly two decades, American archers have practiced at an outdoor, 50-lane complex in Chula Vista, California. The largest of its kind in North America, the range is part of the United States Training Center, and will soon be joined by a state-of-the-art, 43,800 square foot archery complex that will allow archers to train year-round, indoors and out.

The Easton Archery Center of Excellence is intended to meet the highest possible standards of LEED Certification, sustainability, and energy efficient design. Slated for completion over the following few months, this new addition to the Training Center features an innovative Fabral metal roofing solution that serves a dual purpose.Known for its Mediterranean climate, Chula Vista has year-round daytime temperatures averaging 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a boon for athletes but a challenge for designers. For the indoor archery range, where even the slightest air movement from an HVAC unit can cause a major disturbance for athletes, it meant that the design team needed a design-friendly roofing solution that would aid in climate control. Because of the enormous size of the project, it would need to cover the expansive footprint and serve as an affordable and dependable long-term investment for the Training Center.

To meet these design objectives, architect Bob Easton specified two Fabral products for the project: curved radius PowerSeam™ and roll-formed roof panels in Medium Bronze. Coupled with Fabral’s Phase Change underlayment materials, which absorb heat by day and release it at night, this two-part system complements picturesque Southern California and creates a comfortable environment for athletes while saving energy.

Amerimax Windows Exceed Demanding Results

Situated between the San Francisco International Airport and the 101 Freeway is the Crowne Plaza, a hotel that inhabits a building built in the 1970s and deals with more than its fair share of noise issues. Aging window frames have added problems such as leaks and energy inefficiency and with each passing year, water and moisture damage has continued to worsen.

Knowing this hotel management recently launched a multi-million dollar renovation project that began with the design and installation of 1,736 sealed, glazed insulated glass windows. Provided by Amerimax Windows & Doors, this innovative building product is the first step in a much-needed transformation process.

The design team selected Amerimax uPVC vinyl windows which offered the best combination of durability, environmental consciousness, longevity and price. In addition, the windows come fully framed and assembled, with a fully welded joint system that is moisture resistant. Glazed onsite, installers can finish up to six hotel rooms a day between checkout (8am) and check-in (5pm), meaning that the hotel can run at 100% occupancy without any disruption to guestrooms.

uPVC windows, used extensively in Europe for decades, are fairly new in North America as a commercial construction product. As one of the highest performing polymer designs available, they offer several inherent benefits over similar sized aluminum windows, including:

  • Fusion-welded steel reinforced frame forms an impervious barrier seal
  • uPVC is a natural insulator, achieving U values below .20 and yielding lower mechanical needs for the building
  • Can be installed as a large common-frame windows with multiple configurations
  • Eco-friendly design includes less off-gassing during manufacturing
  • No degradation or fading over time leads to longer lifecycle
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) 43
  • Broad range of color solutions


Although the replacement phase of the project won’t be completed until October 2014, the effects are already being felt, or heard, as the case may be. In rooms where windows have been switched to the new uPVC vinyl units, guests are treated to a quiet space that seems miles away from the airport runway and freeway that are literally outside the walls of the hotel. In addition, the completed rooms are also up to 20% more energy efficient than before, helping this specific Crowne Plaza location to take part in the brand’s Green Engage program. The program aims to help its worldwide hotel portfolio reduce energy usage by 25% while managing waste and water production and consumption.

OmniMax Launches New EquinoxRoof.com

OmniMax is pleased to announce the recent redesign of Equinoxroof.com. A site designed to provide comprehensive information designed to aid the consumer, architect or business owner, the site includes a gallery of images to inspire the design process, an industry leading product visualizer as well as full product information and testimonials.

The new website features the choice elegance and functionality of Equinox® system and is designed for a diverse audience; whether a homeowner, a business owner, or designer, the user will uncover appealing information unique to them. New features will include an updated navigation, industry leading patio visualizer, and consumer testimonials. In addition, there will be an updated portal for Equinox Dealers that will provide access to product updates, promotional resources, product images and a mix of other useful links.


Amerimax Launches Solutions-Based Website


Lancaster, PA – Amerimax, the leading manufacturer of rain-carrying systems in the United States, has just made a significant stride in meeting customer needs with the launch of a new and improved Amerimax.com.

The new site is intended to serve as a user-friendly resource for both consumers and contractors to provide solutions to roof drainage problems.

 Enhanced navigation and site enhancements guide consumers from problem to solution with interactive elements, informative blogs and installation videos.  New features include:

Solution Based Navigation: By clicking the home page, users can uncover solutions to roof drainage problems such as clogged downspouts, gushing water and puddles on lawn. Easy to navigate on both laptop and mobile devices, Amerimax.com is a handy resource when at home planning projects or on the go.

  • Informative Installation Videos: The expertise of the Amerimax team is made readily available to customers through a gallery of installation videos. Whether the visitor is an experience contractor or a DIY homeowner, these videos featuring Mark Mullins, applications engineer and product training manager, will help answer questions surrounding solving problems and installation of Amerimax products.
  • Informative Blog: Ongoing blog posts will keep people informed on a variety of topics as they relate to rain-carrying systems. Consumers can connect with customer care support and then can easily share with friends.
  • Find a Retailer: Customers can easily locate a retailer for Amerimax products through an easy to use locator function.

About Amerimax Home Products

Amerimax is a leading manufacturer of rain-carrying systems in the United States and is committed to offering high-value solutions to consumers and pro-contractors. The company offers steel, aluminum, vinyl and copper rain-carrying systems, soffit, fascia, flashing and roofing accessories, ensuring there is a product to fit any application. The manufacturing and distribution network consists of multiple strategically located facilities throughout the U.S. Amerimax is backed by Euramax International, an international producer of aluminum, steel, vinyl, copper and fiberglass products for OEM, distributors, contractors and home centers in North America and Western Europe. Core products to Euramax International include specialty coated coils, metal wall and roof systems, metal and vinyl rain carrying systems, soffit and fascia systems, roofing accessories, aluminum and vinyl windows and doors, patio products, vinyl railing systems, aluminum recreational vehicle doors, windows and sidewalls, and aluminum bath and shower enclosures. Euramax International is headquartered in Norcross, GA. To explore the new site, visit www.amerimax.com  

Berger Building Products Celebrates 140 Years of Business

Considering the average lifespan of a business is 15 years, the fact that Berger has been thriving for 140 years is an exceptional accomplishment.

It takes a special organization to weather over a century of ups and downs, persevering through economic good times and bad. At Berger, we attribute our success to customer focus, integrity, product innovation and a team that’s 100% focused on “getting it done” for each customer.

Founded in 1874 as William Berger and Company, Manufacturer of Tinners and Roofing Supplies, William Berger was committed to the dream of providing high quality products for roofers. Berger worked to stay ahead of the competition by creating new products, expanding resources and building a team of dedicated individuals. Over 140 years, the Berger team saw many changes but remained driven and focused on listening and delivering to customers.

Today, Berger works with customers to get the answers they need quickly, helping them to grow their business. The Berger team is proud of this philosophy as it has served them well for over 140 years.


Flexibility to Fit Your Needs


Amerimax composite panel systems are quickly becoming an industry standard for light and ultra-light recreational vehicles and transportation applications. By implementing our nip roll press, reactive hot-melt system with technological advances, we are able to provide accurate, reliable manufacturing; this ensures our customers’ stringent project requirements are met.

Find a solution to your need by viewing our core offerings.

Fabral Releases Condensation Stopping Product


Stop condensation with Fabral factory applied CondenStop. Easily and effectively prevent condensation and the problems caused by condensation by installing Fabral panels featuring CondenStop on your next project. In additiona, Fabral has just recently approved the lapping of Condenstop panels.


  • Saves time and money compared to other vapor barrier products by providing an economical solution for condensation issues
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Protects assets and investments from moisture damage
  • Can be used in place of traditional vapor retarders
  • Adds to interior corrosion protection
  • Light gray color enhances the indoor look of an open framing structure roof