Ferrari Theme Park

Project Details

InvestorAldar Properties
Roof/WallsInterfalz GmbH & Co. KG.
FacadeSix Construct Ltd.
FinishEuraBuild PVDF 4L Lum
ColorFerrari Red and Silver

OmniMax supplied the pre-coated aluminum for the Ferrari Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. A project of records. Apart from being the largest indoor theme park and housing the fastest roller coaster in the world, it is also the largest standing seam metal roof in the world. Lay this roof flat and you have enough metal to place over 20,000 Ferraris end to end!


Situated right next to the brand new Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 circuit Benoy Architects designed the iconic roof on the classic body shell of the Ferrari GT car. The roof only is over 200.000 m2 whereas the total project volume including aluminum façade covering is approximately 300.000 m2. The equivalent of 50 football pitches!


OmniMax focuses on high end project architecture. Our Area Managers offer design consultation to architects, which was also the case in the Ferrari project. Extensive evaluation with Benoy Architects and the investor Aldar Properties has led them to choose OmniMax pre-coated aluminum in Ferrari Red and Silver.


The combination of high gloss Ferrari colors and a harsh environment with salt (sea), sand (desert) and sun (high UV impact) meant a big challenge for our technicians. In close cooperation with our paint suppliers the EuraBuild PVDF 4L paint system with Lumion topcoat was advised. This state-of-art paint system stands the test of environmental extremes and validates the high level capability of OmniMax coil coated products.