Anti-Child Labor and Anti-Human Trafficking Commitment

OmniMax is committed to conducting our business honestly, ethically and with the utmost integrity. We do not tolerate the use of child labor or any form of forced labor, human trafficking and slavery.

Child labor
OmniMax prohibits the hiring or employment of individuals who are under 18 years of age. To the extent that applicable law is more restrictive, OmniMax will comply with local child labor laws.

In addition, we expect our supplier to comply with all local legal requirements for the work of authorized young workers, particularly those pertaining to hours of work, wages, and working conditions

Human trafficking
OmniMax supports the elimination of forced labor, human trafficking and slavery in all instances and expressly prohibits them in our operations.

We believe that the nature of our business and the environment in which we operate mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery taking place within our business operations.

OmniMax associates, subsidiaries, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, partners and others through whom OmniMax conducts business must avoid complicity in any practice that constitutes trafficking in persons or slavery.

This commitment applies to all personnel employed by or engaged to provide services to OmniMax, including, but not limited to, associates, officers, and temporary associates of OmniMax and OmniMax’s U.S. and international subsidiaries, and independent contractors (for ease of reference throughout this policy, “associates”).

Every associate is responsible for reading, understanding and complying with this commitment. OmniMax managers are responsible for ensuring that associates who report to them, directly or indirectly, comply with this commitment and complete any certification or training required of them. If you have any questions or concerns relating to this commitment, consult the OmniMax legal department or human resources department.

Reporting suspected violations
Associates are required to report any conduct that is believed to be a violation of this commitment to OmniMax’s legal or human resources department. Reports may also be made through the OmniMax Alert Line at 888-846-2470 or, which allows anonymous reporting as permitted by applicable law.