Climate Change Commitment

OmniMax recognizes that climate change presents risks and opportunities to the business. We are committed to identifying and managing climate change-related impacts to the business and developing strategies to address them that are in line with industry best practices.

Mitigation – To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we will:

  • Create and maintain a carbon emission inventory to be used when developing targets and actions to reduce our emissions;
  • Incorporate environmental considerations into procurement processes and promote the use of low-carbon and energy-efficient products and services;
  • Explore opportunities for offsetting carbon emissions; and
  • Promote a low-carbon culture by Identifying opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in our daily operations and encourage our associates, suppliers and customers to do the same.

Adaptation – To ensure our operations are able to adapt to a changing climate, we will:

  • Assess risks and opportunities related to climate change and incorporate appropriate response actions into OmniMax’s risk management system and crisis management plans;
  • Improve operational processes to respond to climate risks, including physical risks and transition risks; and
  • Increase associates’ awareness of how climate change could potentially impact OmniMax’s operations.

Resilience – To enhance our ability to rebound quickly from the impacts of climate change, we will:

  • Track global and local trends related to climate change and improve knowledge of best practices to address them that are applicable to OmniMax and our value chain;
  • Ensure that relevant information and resources are available to monitor and review the impact of climate change on our operations, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation strategies; and
  • Communicate with suppliers and customers about risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the potential impact on OmniMax’s operations and the Company’s strategy for addressing them.

Disclosure – To transparently communicate with stakeholders, we will:

  • Make information about OmniMax’s actions to address climate change available by disclosing it in a timely manner through an Environmental, Social and Governance Report and Company website.

We will take our business development, resources and capabilities, and availability of technologies into consideration, when implementing strategies and practices to address the impact of climate change on OmniMax. The ESG Executive Committee works closely with different business units, as needed, and is responsible for implementing and monitoring the actions listed above and reporting our progress to the Board of Directors.